Finding Peace - Full - FlippingBook - November 2017

163 ◄ Previous Page Home Chapter Index Next Page ► Chapter 17 Dressed For Victory Having the assurance that Jesus has conquered the evil one, having the comfort of knowing that God’s plan for our salvation is complete, and having positively concluded that our ultimate battle is to discover the love, the preciousness, the loveliness, the delightfulness, and the excellence of God, we now turn our attention to the question of all questions: What part must we play to ensure that we are victorious in this the ultimate battle? As we go in search of an answer to this question, let us first of all consider the battle charge that comes our way via the pen of the apostle James: Resist the devil and he will flee from you. (James 4:7) Please notice that James does not instruct us to aggressively engage the devil, but to resist him.