Finding Peace - Full - FlippingBook - November 2017

13 ◄ Previous Page Home Chapter Index Next Page ► Chapter 2 Blessings for the Secret Place Dweller Having considered the wondrous significance of the secret place, and some of the various ways and means whereby we may dwell in this extraordinary meeting place, we are now in a position to give serious thought to the incredible benefits that God has promised to all who “dwell” in the secret place. Psalm 91 must be one of the most encouraging chapters in Scripture. The promises that God makes to the secret place dweller are huge and almost unbelievable. In this age of intensity, trial, and uncertainty, it is extremely good to know that God has provided us with a spiritual retreat, a place of refuge where we may meet with Him in private, a secret place where we may enjoy shelter beneath His wings – snuggly tucked into His warm and cozy feathers. Psalm 91 was inspired of God just for you, and all of the promises in this Psalm are just for you. All of the benefits