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109 ◄ Previous Page Home Chapter Index Next Page ► Chapter 12 The Hope of Glory In this chapter, we again turn our attention to the mysterious concept of God living in us . Having reflected on the substantial and almost unbelievable benefits that accrue to all who have an indwelling Saviour, let us reintroduce this subject by asking a question that has perplexed the mind of many a truth seeker: How good must I be to have God live in me? In a world that is entrenched in a nothing-for-nothing economy, an economy that shapes our thinking from infancy, one would expect that we would have to at least reach a certain standard of perfection before we could expect a holy God to live in unholy hearts - but this is not the case. In reality: God does not live in us because we are good. He lives in us so that He can make us good.