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101 ◄ Previous Page Home Chapter Index Next Page ► Chapter 11 Love That Will Not Let Us Go Words can only fail hopelessly to portray the magnificence and the glory of God. Nevertheless, our focus in this chapter turns to a very special word, one that describes a more than wonderful attribute of God’s character. This is the word lovingkindness. This word appears 175 times in the New American Standard version of the Scriptures; yet, strangely, it has disappeared from many of our modern-day dictionaries and Bible versions, and it has all but disappeared from our modern-day vernacular. So what is lovingkindness ? Lovingkindness is that manner of kindness that finds its source in the heart of God. Where human kindness is so often driven by a need for acknowledgment or return, or by guilt or obligation, lovingkindness is not driven by any ulterior motive - it is the spontaneous outflow from deep within a heart that is overwhelmed with love for another; it